Watch Now: TD Bank Small Business Focus on Planning

March 2, 2022 10:13 am

TD Bank Bristol Store Manager Barbara Rosendahl and Relationship Manager in Commercial Lending Rory Wilkie recently hosted a webinar for new business owners, or those thinking about starting a business, to answer common questions about the start up and commercial lending process. It was designed to also help new business owners assess the viability of their business idea and provide tools to help new businesses grow.

You can watch the webinar presentation, “Small Business Focus on Planning” below.

In addition to the presentation, TD Bank provided the following resources to help new business and starts up with their business planning.

This Business Plan Template provides an easy guide to crafting your business plan.

This Marketing Plan Template will help you identify what audience to target and how to create a marketing strategy.

If you need more help with the business planning process, these TD Bank Small Business Resource Center guides on business planning is a good place to start.