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Lighting Upgrades Hit the Streets of Bristol, NH

April 26, 2022 7:40 pm

The future’s looking bright here in Bristol! Affinity LED Lighting out of Dover, NH will soon start installation of 200+ streetlights, converting the town’s existing lighting to fully-networked LED fixtures. The upgrades are just one of a number of modernization projects the town has undertaken in recent years, along with sidewalk upgrades, sewer system upgrades, a new public safety building, and high-speed internet service.

“We will see multiple benefits from this lighting conversion”, says Bristol Town Administrator, Nik Coates. “Not only will Bristol have improved lighting on our roadways, we’ll have the ability to control our street lighting with dimming and scheduling and monitor that all lights are properly functioning, all while reducing our annual spending for street lighting by more than 50% from the Town’s current annual Eversource tariff costs.”

About Affinity LED

Affinity LED will light the Town with its American-built street lighting, locally assembled by U.S. Veterans in the Washington Street Mill, one of Dover’s oldest manufacturing mills. Affinity LED Lighting will provide complete turnkey management of the project, as they have in more than 90 communities throughout New England, as well as all of NHDOT’s highways and turnpikes. 

Affinity LED has been recognized throughout New Hampshire for their work in energy efficient lighting and received the 2019 CleanTech Business of the Year Award.

“We’re excited to support Bristol to reduce its energy and lighting maintenance costs, while improving the quality of light and lowering the Town’s carbon footprint, all that while building products locally right here in New Hampshire. We founded our company on this belief, that Doing Well and Doing Good are not mutually exclusive ideas,” said Steve Lieber, the company’s President and Founder.

Affinity LED has partnered with Verizon to convert Bristol’s LED fixtures into sensor-equipped smart devices that capture and transmit data in near real time. The town will gain control to enable remote operation and control of its street lights, with real-time notifications to know when a light goes out, helping residents and visitors feel secure in their surroundings.

For more information about Bristol, NH and the work the town has been doing to modernize town services and infrastructure, contact us.