hydro dam falls in Bristol NH

Freedom Energy and Bristol Collaborate on Hydro Energy

April 5, 2022 9:54 am

The Town of Bristol, NH and Freedom Energy Logistics have entered a net metering agreement that will generate roughly $2,500 for the town annually in reduced electricity costs. The agreement says that Freedom Energy Logistics will manage 480,000 kWh of energy produced in town per year for five years.

The New Hampshire Public Utility Commission recently approved the agreement for two in order to launch the initiative.

Freedom Energy Logistics is among the largest energy brokerage firms in New Hampshire with nearly 40 employees, based just in Auburn. Freedom has significant experience in administering net metering groups, including working with the Town of Merrimack, Sullivan County, and Cheshire County on similar agreements.

Under state law, any renewable power generation facility can enter into a net metering agreement in exchange for a reduced rate on the generation portion of the owner’s electricity bill. In this case, the hydro power generated by dams owned by the Town of Bristol can be used to seek that lower rate for the energy used by town buildings.

Bristol is unique from an energy perspective because the town has four different sources of renewable energy either in town or nearby, including wind generation, biomass, hydropower and solar. Bristol’s solar array at the water water treatment facility has successfully reduced costs for the town, producing 300 kWh of power, which gets $3,500 in savings per year.

“We’re excited to reach this agreement with Freedom Energy Logistics and continue our process of becoming a more green and efficient town,” said Nicholas Coates, Town Administrator of Bristol. “Through the work of the Bristol Energy Committee, we were able to see savings just by using the resources the town already has. Thank you to the Committee, especially Chair Paul Bemis for his continuous work on improving Bristol.”

He added this is just one of a number of initiatives Bristol has made in recent years to strengthen the community and its infrastructure for the future. The town also recently launched a broadband network, with services provided by Hub 66 and University of New Hampshire, that will provide high-speed internet throughout the community, which had previously had spotty connectivity.

“It’s all about making our town more resilient,” said Coates. “We’re saving money while putting renewable energy we produce into the grid. We’re expanding our internet access to help our schools and businesses stay competitive. It’s all part of building a better future for Bristol.”

For more information about Bristol, NH, visit our town website, or contact us on the Bristol NH Business website