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Thinking about a new location? Expanding a current location? The best place to start is the Bristol Town Office. Contact the Land Use Department to discuss your idea, zoning and the permitting process. We’re here to answer your questions.

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Other resources

Learn more about the organizations and initiatives available to help businesses grow here.

Newfound Independence

This organization of businesses in the Newfound Lake Region work together to encourage people to buy local. Newfound Independence produces a local business map in collaboration with a local artists and hosts a local business directory on its website,

Grafton Regional Development Corporation

The GRDC offers business assistance, business loans and access to business incubators to launch your next project. Since 2013, the GRDC has offered more than 100 workshops to help sharpen business skills.

Grafton Small Business Development Center

Part of the larger Small Business Development Center, the Grafton SMDC offers business advising and online courses.

NH Business Finance Authority

The NH Business Finance Authority provides credit and financing for a wide variety of businesses.

Business Startup Roadmap

This handy guide gives business owners the necessary steps to opening and expanding a business in Bristol. Whether you’re new to business or have been a business owner for many years, this Roadmap is designed to help you.

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