Financial Incentives in Bristol

Business Opportunities in Bristol

Bristol has tax incentive programs to help business growth and spur investment. Please contact the Town Administrator for more information. Contact the Town Administrator for more information about any of the following programs.

Economic Revitalization Zones

Bristol has four Economic Revitalization Zones, which were created by the state to offer tax credits to businesses that invest in infrastructure and create jobs in these areas.

Community Revitalization Program

This state program allows businesses to apply for tax relief if they develop in designated historic or downtown areas.
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Seeking Start-up Funds?

If you’re interested in investing in businesses already in Bristol or helping an entrepreneur get their business started here, contact Anne Duncan-Cooley at the Grafton Regional Development Corp (GRDC) to learn about your options. There are also a number of investor and crowd-funding resources available online today:

Mainvest: A crowdfunding tool focused primarily on supporting local ventures. Check it out to raise capital for yours or support a neighbor.
Angel Investment Network: A connection platform for businesses and angel investors of all categories to share ideas, resources and knowledge.
GRDC: Revolving Loan Fund: A gap funding opportunity for businesses expanding in or planning to move to Grafton County.
GRDC: Microloan Program: A small loan program providing small businesses in Grafton County funding for startup inventory and equipment.
IFundWomen: A funding marketplace connecting women-owned businesses to all the people who want to support them with access to capital, plus business coaching services.